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READ History

In 2009, 10 parents spoke before the GCISD school board regarding the undeserved population of students with dyslexia. Statically, the district improved from 44 identified dyslexics in 2009 to 457 children in 2016 to 803 students in 2021. 803 students in 2021 was 5.76% of the district's population, which mirrors the general population.

We wanted to see greater strides for a comprehensive dyslexia program. Traditional remediation teaches students to read, but difficult reading is the prominent characteristic of neurological differences that can not be outgrown.

Beyond reading instruction, students with Dyslexia need long-term strategies and accommodations to keep these bright students successful in traditional learning environments.

Reading a Book

Reaching, Educating and

Advocating for Dyslexics

Kids Reading Outdoor
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